MARHABA Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. was conceived by Hakim Muhammad Usman during his student days at Tibbia College Lahore where he would often ponder over the reasons for the decline of Oriental Pharmacy which had such a glorious past and a comprehensive pharmacopoeia withstanding the test of time for a thousand years. He felt hurt to see this rich heritage being lost and people falling prey to gimmicks and slogan mongering of the contemporary pharmaceutical industry which has converted this noble profession in service to humanity and Allah into just another mass production industry with the sole objective of selling the product and earning huge profits...

This, they do through a very well organized network of marketing and advertising which has overwhelmed the allopathic practitioners so much that they have become merely an extension of pharmaceutical industry. Hakim Muhammad Usman correctly deduced that people of the Orient still considered herbal medicines more reliable and suited to local climatic environments than synthetic drugs. Increasing usage of such drugs primarily because of their free availability in ready to use form. It was then he decided to improve its status among various systems for medical treatment.

After that graduation, Hakim Muhammad Usman along with four younger brothers established MARHABA Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. on the 1st of July 1975. The aim was to produce oriental medicines and natural dietary supplements in a modern and scientific manner so that the age old prescriptions and remedies, reach the customer in a ready to use form, without in any way affecting their efficacy and natural qualities.

It was indeed a very tall enterprise and resources were limited. The start was, therefore, very modest but dedication to the cause, honest approach and stringent quality control, more than compensated the financial inadequacies. Soon, the reward came in the shape of unprecedented public appreciation and encouragement due to the purity of natural herbal products.

From then on there was no looking back. Today, MARHABA Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. is a household name with its literal meaning (Bravo, Weldone, Welcome) not only in Pakistan but all over the world where Asian and other people conversant with the efficacy of oriental medicines live, particularly in Middle Eastern countries where there is generally more awareness about the true worth and benefits of herbal medicines.

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Dennis Pastermaja
Muhammad Islam
Director Production

Dennis Pastermaja
Muhammad Ikram
Director Finance

Dennis Pastermaja
Hakeem Muhammad Usman
Chief Executive

Dennis Pastermaja
Muhammad Jamil
Director Marketing

Dennis Pastermaja
Muhammad Saleem
Director Production

CEO Message

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has brought (with its merits of course) the unnatural prerequisite of human fitness to a 24/7 basis.

Thanks to this and the escalating costs of health preservation and improvement brought about by the self-centered commercial pursuits of pharmaceutical and modern medical professions, health deterioration today entails a host of personal, familial, and financial repercussions for the common man. The curative and ameliorative impact of such treatment also leaves much to be desired....

Marhaba Laboratories Pvt Ltd is a venture created to reactivate reliance of the public on the age-old, tried and tested herbal preparations as the means of a healthy life.

Our preparations (formulas) are based on years of painstaking research and development – prepared in hygienic and environment friendly conditions, employing the most modern machinery, the most effective production means and the most capable human resource. Result being quality and safe products for public use.

Our aim is to make Marhaba a leading global brand of health and natural products by providing what is promised and staying firmly committed to principles of the honourable herbal tradition.

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MARHABA Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. is the brainchild of Hakeem Muhammad Usman, and its inception goes back to the days when he himself was a student at Tibbia College Lahore. Greatly inspired by the rich past of Oriental pharmacy and worried over its contemporary downfall, Hakim Usman contemplated on how to evolve this noble profession of service to mankind once again...

It was never too late to accomplish his dreams, and due to his pervasive work into making this profession a credible one, Hakeem Usman finally transformed his vision into reality and founded MARHABA Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. with the help of his siblings in July 1975. Soon after its inception, the institute started working on researching on herbal medicines and other natural products to produce result-oriented pharmaceutical medicines and natural dietary supplements. With the development of R & D department and induction of devoted staff and qualified scientists, prescriptions and remedies started reaching the end consumer in a ready to use form.

MARHABA Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. is indeed the philanthropy of one man whose courage and determination made Marhaba an influential name in the industry. Today, the natural herbal products of MARHABA Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. have become the household items not only inside Pakistan, but their demand is equally high abroad where people believe in the efficacy of Oriental Medicines.

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